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Welcome to my website, “Generally Write.” In each of the subsections, you’ll find a more comprehensive bio about why that slice of my life has a home here. Suffice it to say, I’ve led a multi-faceted life, and writing is the binding that holds the pieces together. This website and my blog (by the same name) ranges from adventures and travel, to my work in the emergency services, to my love for the natural world, and the (nearly) constant presence in my life of dogs and horses. A lot of those interests intersect – such as my work with search & rescue K9s.


For starters, though, let me tell you this about myself: I’ve had time on the planet to get really comfortable in my skin and stop worrying a lot about how I’ll be perceived. My intentions are always good, and (like everyone) sometimes I don’t measure up. But I’ve learned to own it (whatever “it” is) and move on – a choice that took a few decades to really understand. I am an idealist in a practical world where reality sometimes takes a hard swing at my idealism. Yet I persist. How else will we ever move the real toward the ideal? And I’ve also learned that, as one of my favorite mottos goes, “the answer is ‘no’ unless you ask.” If I’m curious about something or want to try something or whatever, I’ve learned to ask about it. It leads to such interesting experiences!

Photo credit: Russ Climie / Tiberius Images

Photo credit: Russ Climie / Tiberius Images


If I could wish one thing for people, it would be to have courage. Not to fear the possible negative outcomes of an effort, but to embrace the effort and go for it. I am educated as both a journalist and a paramedic (for details, see the bio in the Emergency Service area of the website), which is to say, I can ask anyone just about anything! The lessons that have come to me for being brave and willing to ask questions has enriched my life so much. I wish the same for each of you who stop by “Generally Write” to take a look around. Onward!


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Here are three lists that pretty much embody what I’ve done with my time over the years. I’m intensely grateful for the good fortune of having a voice, both in print/digitally and on the stage. Thank you all!


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