Oct 112016

During the year of focusing on writing a book, recently, I had a hiatus from wandering (ok, except for Egypt in December…). It helped me realize just how much I love being at home. I really do. It’s seductive to have your things in a semblance of order and routines well in hand. There’s something to be said for sticking around and showing up for all the stuff of daily life. You get to be with friends, of course, including the four-footed sorts. There’s time to attend to various stacks of neglected detail. I even got to chip away at that accumulated pile of good intentions.

At a certain point, however, when the intensity of the project died down and the demands on my time took a turn, I was reminded of the road…and it has been calling to me ever since.

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Aug 292016


We come today to the north shore of Lake Huron, near the eastern tip of Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Waves lap in a relaxed fashion onto the cobblestone beach just a few feet away. Ash-grey sky blends with blue-grey water on the southern horizon. There is a gentle, welcome breeze of air, like silk. Sunshine dances onto the deck like patchwork through the green of the cedars overhead. Seventy-something degrees. Morning. Some places on earth are magic, and “Up North” is one of them. Continue reading »

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