Oct 202017

In the “olden days” (that is, in my own youth…) there were these things called watches, devices one wore on the wrist so as to keep track of the time. These needed care, which means they needed to be wound up (usually daily), since their inner workings consisted of springs that gradually unwound. That chore was eventually eliminated when crystal inner workings came along, and later, solar power.

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Jan 192016


In the year 1966, a loaf of bread would run you about 21 cents. I, for one, remember being a little shocked to discover that my best friend, Julie, had lunch sandwiches on bread with chewy crusts. Mine were made with the staple: the white-white, mostly air pocketed Wonder bread. It was an early lesson for me about variety.

Nowadays, when I want to know the price of bread, my information is instantaneous, thanks to the internet, but there ends the simplicity of knowledge, and the fluid and efficient use of time as I enter the worm-hole of All That Mankind (Thinks It) Knows. Continue reading »

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