Aug 252015

How can anyone not love a place surrounded by place names like Vilcabama and Urubamba and Salkantay. Indeed, the name “Machu Picchu” itself rolls off the tongue in such tantalizing fashion that it’s easy to like even before you know how amazing it is. It’s the “lost city of the Incas” which, as with the city of Sleeping Beauty, was covered by dense vegetation for centuries before being rediscovered.

In the case of Machu Picchu, rediscovery had to wait from around 1530 until July 24, 1911, when American archeologist Hiram Bingham was snooping around those dense, green mountains looking for something else. (Technically, he didn’t “discover” it—the locals knew something was there and, indeed, farmed some of Machu Picchu’s terraces. But Bingham, through an April, 1913 article in National Geographic, brought the site to the world stage, making it now the most-visited tourist destination in South America.) Continue reading »

Jul 272015

I honestly might not have gotten to Peru but for the urging of my travel buddy, Margaret, who has held Machu Picchu high on her wish list for years. Our travel materials claimed that National Geographic Traveler Magazine named the Inn-to-Inn trek as a “Tour of a Lifetime.” For me, such the hyperbole morphed into reality in June, 2014.

An early view of Salkantay Peak

An early view of Salkantay Peak

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