Sep 152017

I was walking my beautiful, sweet German shepherd dog recently, pondering our five years together. Mayzie (properly: Amazing Grace) is a petite girl who still has a lot of puppy in her: eager eyes, bouncy attitude, excitable (especially when it involves a stick or a ball).

Amazing Grace (aka “Mayzie”)

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Jul 192016

Up at three-thirty a.m. for a fire call, home at five. Couldn’t sleep. Dawn is my favorite time of day, and there’s much to ponder.

Mayzie as a puppy (2012)

Mayzie as a puppy (2012)

The elephant in the room inside my head is the intensity of disappointment that comes with what happened last Thursday: Mayzie, aka Amazing Grace, my beautiful German shepherd dog, tested, and failed, and was released from the training program of our SAR unit. After two and a half years and 250+ training trails, she will not move forward, will never be “mission ready,” will no longer get to go to work. Continue reading »

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